Model 3/Y Auto Door Handle (4 Doors)

If your Model 3/Y performance Maded in China and delivered after 2021/12+ , pls check your CPU version and select the correct version when place your order.

How to confirm your car CPU version?
Check on the screen of the original vehicle :
software > extra information > CPU

Our auto present door handles kit for Model 3/Y allows you open the doors without pushing and pulling the door handle! This kit is perfectly compatible with our soft closing doors kit!

New Arrival - Highlight 64 color door handle welcome light:

  • When the door handle pops up, press the internal button to switch the color(default colors: dazzle color, streamer, red, green, blue, white, ice blue, orange and purple)

  • Upgraded the independent Bluetooth function, without relying on the Bluetooth system of the original vehicle, no matter how long the Bluetooth protocol mobile phone leaves the vehicle; When approaching the vehicle again, the four door handles can pop up automatically even when the vehicle is dormant

Auto Door Handle V3:
– all-in-one door handle kit without assembly
- Simple installation and Fast installation time
- 1 year warranty

Soft Close Door : V4

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Tesla Model 3/Y Auto Door Handle Kit

One of the coolest things about walking up to a Model S is the door handles. If you have a key fob, they will auto present themselves, like they just know should be ready for you to open the car. And then when you get inside the car and you're driving it, they retract back. This not only makes the car look good but also makes it sleeker with less wind resistance, as well as slightly better efficiency. The Tesla Model 3 Auto Door Handle kit from Hansshow works just like these Model S door handles, with the handle swinging out the same way as if you were to push it in with your finger. The door handles work in 3 different situations: - when the car is unlocked - when you touch the door handle - when your mobile device with the Tesla app (or your key fob) is in range of the vehicle This kit borns for Perfection and Higher-Tech. Thinking about their working ways, we would say it is great to have them! How To Upgrade Concealed Door Handle Of Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3/Y Auto Door Handle Installation


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