2021+ Model 3/Y Laser Carving Ambient Lighting Upgrade Kit

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Light up your Tesla car with this Ambient Lighting Upgrade Kit . This elegant light will completely change the sleek style you deserve for your tesla Model 3/Y

Car Model : 2021+ Model 3/Y (orginal vehicle with front door trim panels)


- with multiple 128 color adjustment of soothing light options 
- central console panel touch control
- Saddle light:Using laser laser engraving technology, for Tesla pioneered
- change the light color according to the rhythm of the music
- Low power consumption, non-destructive installation

1. This product cannot be installed on Right-Hand Drive vehicles currently
2. This product only can be installed in Model 3/Y 2021+ with front door trim panels

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    Makes your Tesla light up!
    Hasshow ambient light kit for the Tesla Model Y is well designed and built. Installation varies between easy, if you follow hansshow's way of installing it, or it can be moderately challenging

    The central console panel touch control that controls the lights and effect is good. which makes these lights a fun addition to add to your car interior.

    Overall, I recommend this product. It's a good one!
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    Great lighting! Looks fantastic!
    This laser carving ambient lighting is a nice addition to my model Y. It has multiple options like colors, effects, sound function and pre-set settings. The adhesive tape used to secure the lights worked very well after making sure the surface was clean. I used paper towel first to clean the dust and dirt. Tape stuck very well and after 1 month, it still stuck on the dashboard and seatback.

    I have only used the basic functions on the central console panel touch control, but so far no issues occur with compatibility. Great for backlights when my friends sit on the back seats. I recommend this ambient light kit for any Tesla owner into immersion lighting.
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