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2021 Model Y layered type of trunk storage box

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2021 Model Y layered type of trunk storage box-1

1.Custom design: layered type of trunk storage box is specially designed for Tesla Model Y. The storage box with net bag and led can organize the items in your trunk.

2.Durable material: This trunk organizer is made of the highest quality which is waterproof and wear-resistant, not only durable, but also easy to clean.

3.Multi-purpose design: The separation layer is detachable. Each panel is reinforced with a heavy amd hard base plate. You can organize your items, including important emergency equipment, charging adapter, cables, groceries, sporting goods, cleaning supplies, pet toys, snacks, etc. it can make your trunk in order.

4. Easy usage and installation: Just unfold the storage box, slide into the hard bottom plate and separate the storage partition to meet your needs. Insert it into the trunk. The product has a handle and some flexibility for easy removal from the trunk