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Model 3 Ambient Light V3

Install Difficulty:

If you happen to be in a romantic mood, or you just want a personal touch in your Tesla, then this ambient lighting system might be the thing for you.

Soothing Light – illuminate 6 colors red, green, blue, purple, cyan, and white

Two Strobing Modes – cycle between different colors in a fixed or pulsed pattern to enhance the ambiance in your Tesla

Adjustable Brightness – bright enough to be noticed but not distracting

Eliminates Fatigue – They go beyond aesthetics, helping increase spatial perception and eliminate fatigue

Extremely Low Power Consumption -these indicators consume only a very small amount of power, so the impact on the battery is negligible

Note that this ambient light can't fit 2021 model 3



Model 3 Ambient Lighting Kit Show



Installation Guide



Model 3 Ambient Lighting Kit Installation