Model Y LR & Performance Stereo Upgrade

Pls check your CPU version before place the order.

If your car is 2022 model and car CPU Version is AMD Ryzen,
this Stereo Upgrade product may can not install currently.

How to confirm your car CPU version?
Check on the screen of the original vehicle :
software > extra information > CPU

This LR & Performance Stereo Upgrade give you extremely transparent and clear human treble with surging bass, let you indulge in the ocean of music.

- One 8 channel input 12 channel output DSP
- One 4 channel input 6 channel output DSP
- One 8 inches aluminum shell subwoofer
- All the speakers can be adjusted independently
- Fully release the potential of the speakers
- Easy to install, all are plug & plug connector

1. Version Pro A with 2 DSP and harness
2. Version Pro B with 2DSP, harness and 8 inches aluminum shell subwoofer

Note: if you have a certain pursuit of sound effects, you can connect the DSP for tone tuning.
Non professionals are not allowed to operate, and the resulting consequences shall be borne by yourselves.
DSP Regulated Output Software: Click Here

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Model Y Pro B Stereo Upgrade Installation Tutorial

Model Y LR & Performance Stereo Upgrade

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