Our Company

Owning a dream car of Tesla is definitely awesome for us Tesla lovers. Yet, as a group of passionate individuals obsessed with car modification, we can tell you, making it personal and even higher-tech is more thrilling! That's why in 2017, at the time public were hailing the unveiling of Model 3, we started supplying various accessories for M3, MX, and MS wholeheartedly. And leveraging our mature R&D capabilities accumulated since 2009, we started developing excellent products!


Our intention to go with Perfection and Technological Frontier is our strength. Delving into intelligent auto parts for Tesla over the past years, we have launched a series of power trunk & frunk, kick sensor, etc. for Tesla. These are so loved by Tesla owners and distributors worldwide, making us rise from being an up and coming to become a somewhat global popular supplier, with installers rapidly covering over 30 countries to cater to customers.


The goal we set for ourselves is to break the rut. We know the cars themselves are manufactured by certain standards. Yet, this standardization also means similarity. To turn your Tesla into an exclusive and more luxurious model, that's what TESPLUS pursue!


We would want Tesla fans to know that we are a force to be reckoned with. Our products will make your Tesla wow the crowd!