Model 3/Y Electric Suction Door (V3)

The soft closing door kits are designed for your ease and freedom from the door slamming noise.

Automatic in nature: It elegantly grabs every marginally closing door, pulling it to the fully closed position. No more reopening or slamming.

Extreme silent: It shuts the door so quietly and nicely that you always feel relax and relieved.

Anti-pinch feature: It will not hurt your finger if you unconsciously touch it or your hand on the closing area.

Adorable working: Soft closing door kit is always helping you increase the lifetime of your car doors. It increases the endurance and looks of your doors.

  • 1Set - 4 Doors

Feel relieved, relaxed, and free of noise with this amazing Soft Closing Door Kit.

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Highlighted features of electric-suction doors:

– Mechanically close the doors in a gentle manner
– Extremely silent that even your sleeping baby will not wake up because of the door closing
– Excellently fitting to the original lock position
– Safety feature with the electronic child lock
– Close the door completely to provide assured security
– Anti-slam, anti-pinch

Product function introduction:

  • Close the door gently. When the door lock reaches the first level, the electric door motor will start to suck in and lock the door quietly, and the components of the door lock will automatically return to the original position.
  • The traditional door adopts inertial gravity locking device, which requires some strengthto fully close. This will not only produce a lot of noise, but also make the air in the car generate high pressure, which makes the eardrum and the body feel uncomfortable. After installing the intelligent electric suction door, this kind of discomfort can be effectively removed. Especially in the case of small parking space, you just gently close the door, the electric suction door can automatically close, it’s convenient and comfortable.
  • The electric suction door is generally only available for high-end luxury models. This intelligent electric suction door can also bring you drivingenjoyment of high-end, comforts, convenience and safe
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If you enjoy a few of these convenience features you might find on other vehicles such as the electric suction door and automobile door handles on the Model S, then you are definitely going to love these new kits for model 3 car doors from Hansshow.

Automatic & soft closing
-Tesla electric suction doors from Hansshow provide a soft close function as an aftermarket enhancement that enhances comfort, security, and safety. The closing distance is 8mm, with perfect closing and intelligent induction.

Safe closing
-Intelligently recognize the door closing action, gently push the door to lock completely.

Opening and closing in any case
-The electric suction car door kit can open and close in emergency situations such as power failure.

-Noise below 40db, you will not hear any noise.

Logic anti-trap
-During the closing, the door will stop closing immediately when it touches the finger, thus preventing pinch.

A new generation of electronic child lock
-To control directly in the driver’s seat instead of the rear seat.

Replace in the original position
-Directly replace the door lock of the original car, 100% lossless installation.



Model 3 soft close door installation vedio