Model S Power Trunk (2014-2016)

With a power trunk, your Model S is now more convenient than ever. There are multiple ways to operate the tailgate, as well as many safety features that come with these new options.

The electric tailgate name is pretty self-explanatory as it functions with an electronic mechanism. It can be controlled by:

- Smartphone/Smartwatch (official Tesla App/Siri assistant)

- Key Remote

- Dashboard Touch Screen

- Kick Sensor (optional)

- Tailgate Buttons

It can be fully customize it to your liking:

- adjustable speed, 5 gears

- adjustable closing force

- adjustable height and memory function

This amazing liftgate adds more value to your precious Tesla, it's designed in a way where you basically, do-it-yourself.


Model S Power Trunk from hansshow will be a huge benefit to you. It will level up your Model S Trunk with liftgate functionality.

  • Hands free liftgate
  • Multiple intelligent control methods
  • Adjustable height, opening & closing speed
  • Sound prompt function
  • Anti-pinch function
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Easy to install without any damage to original car/wires
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Hansshow model a power trunk

An easy-access Model S power trunk will surely become more than a novelty.

The hands-free liftgate not only allows you to open the trunk, but it can also close it. If you don’t have a hands-on experience, this may not sound impressive, but it changes the manual trunk, which not only needs to be opened manually, but must also be closed very gently with both hands.

Removing this manual from this equation can make the trunk more useful when approaching the groceries. Before we dive in, check out this video showing off how Model S power trunk works.