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Model X Power Frunk

Install Difficulty:

Power frunk is an electric addition to your Model X that will make your travel a lot easier. The power liftgate is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, German imported spring material, and of course a high-quality motor that's guaranteed to last for a very long long time.

The power liftgate assures much more functionality:

- soft closing effect (latest version Exclusive)

- anti-pinch function, safer for the children when they are using the frunk

- customized to your liking with adjustable speed, height & closing force

- non-destructive installation with plug-in type connectors

It can be controlled by:

- dashboard touch screen (latest version Exclusive)

- key fob

- smartphone

- smartwatch


Power Frunk from Hansshow for Model X comes with Front-loading level quality, German imported spring material, aluminum alloy casing, and high-quality motor. It has durable BMW original plugs with no need to splice the wire. All are plug & play wire connections. No need to connect CANBUS. So there will be no damage to your car.


1. It has an intelligent control system. Therefore, the struts movement speed is adjustable, and the tailgate closing force is adjustable.
2. It boosts the set the height function, user-friendly. And the tailgate can memory the height.
3. Sound Alarm, Waring Timely. When close or open the tailgate, it will send out sound to alarm the driver and therefore knowing the back situation to avoid damage or security risks.
4. With an anti-pinch function, it will stop when to touch the people or something, in order to protect your safety.
5. Waterproof function. It works well in all weather conditions. Eg. on a rainy day, it can prevent water flow down into the trunk when you open the tailgate.

Hansshow Power Frunk is installation-friendly. Its installation is designed for the do-it-yourself. Also, it is easy to use. This kit is designed for all family members to use.

This Power Frunk has a variety of control methods: original car screen button, tailgate button, smartphone, smartwatch, foot sensor, etc.


Craftsmanship of Model X Power  Frunk

Unique spring

Using springs imported from Germany with aviation quality.
Tesla model X Power Frunk

High-quality strut

Tesla model X Power Frunk

  • Aluminum alloy strut
  • Aluminum alloy ball head
  • Lightweight processed
  • High strength, no deformation
  • Meet the standards of Automotive OEMs
Special design
System functions are continuously optimized, optimized from generation to generation, making product performance better. Design tailored struts for different models, make sure excellent use effect.
Tesla model X Power Frunk
Waterproof function
Tesla model X Power Frunk
  • excellent water resistance function
  • the function of waterproof, wear-resistant, anti-corrosive, strong and durable
  • long service life
  • IP67 waterproof rating
Anti-pinch function
The intelligent anti-pinch system can make sure the safety of users.
When the electric tailgate encounters a person or an obstacle during operation, it will automatically stop or run in the opposite direction.
When the user is opening and closing the tailgate, there is no need to worry about accidental conditions such as child pinching and giving you all-around protection.
Tesla model X Power Frunk
Smart control system
It has a variety of control methods, such as the original car screen button, tailgate button, smartphone, smartwatch, and foot sensor.
Tesla model X Power Frunk

Quite silence

Designed from the pursuit of detail, it works with only 40 decibels and is super quiet.

Being applied with a new generation of silent technology, it allows you to enjoy the comfort and quiet effect.

Tesla model X Power Frunk