TESPLUS 19'' Induction Style Wheel Cover for Model Y


Compatible Models: Tesla Model Y
Introducing the Tesla Model Y Induction Style Wheel Cover – a revolutionary accessory that combines cutting-edge design with unparalleled performance. Designed exclusively for the Tesla Model Y, these wheel covers redefine the boundaries of style and efficiency, setting new standards in the world of electric vehicles.
  • Perfectly cover the rim, protect original wheel rim from scratching
  • Induction style looks closely replica OEM Induction wheel,
  • Bi-directional design,  superior aerodynamics 
  • Cotton covered snap, easy installation
  • Precise scanning, perfect fitment


  • 4x Induction Style Wheel Covers
  • 4x Center lock Logo sticker 
  • Foam Strip

*This item is temporarily backorder tile end of May.