Coupons and Discount

Coupons and Discount

We'd like to offer new customers, loyalty customers, reviewers and advocates coupons and discounts, so more Tesla Owners know Tesplus and enjoy the premium Tesla accessories from us. 

New Customers

We offer 5% discount on the first order for all new customers who sign up with our email newsletter at the landing page.  


We offer a 15% discount to customers who leave a review that includes a photo or a video. Coupon will be provide to reviewers through email and can be applied for future orders. 

Advocates & Friends

We offer $5 coupon for all the advocates that refer Tesplus to their friends. And we offer 15% off for all the customers using referral link to our site. see more details at Referral Program page. 

Holiday Discount

Tesplus offer seasonal discount occasionally. For new arrival or promotion, please sign up with Tesplus to get the updates from Tesplus. 

 *Multiple discount rate will not be able to use in a combination in a single order.