About us

About Us

After almost three years in the making, TESPLUS has been the top tier Tesla accessories supplier in China. We are Tesla Owners who are tired of all the inferior Tesla accessories on the market, so we decided to make our own.

Tesla evolve, so did we. In three years, we started from scratch, kept listening to and hearing Tesla owners demand and feedback. Now, TESPLUS has professional design team and comprehensive supply chain. And we are always growing with Tesla community. 


TESPLUS aims to help Tesla owners discover more fun and possibilities with Tesla models by providing premium Tesla accessory and unrivaled customer experience to Tesla community. 


With all the Tesla Owners, build a world where transportation is energy-efficient, enjoyable, and accessible to all. 


TESPLUS would not be successful without Tesla community. We'd like to hear all Tesla owners' voice. Any idea, any demand, TESPLUS will make it come true.