Console USB Hub (Dual Type-C)

Compatible Models: 2021 Refresh Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X with Dual Type-C ports. 

  • 4 in 1 design. Intelligent distribution of power and data to all connected devices. Maximum the usability of your Tesla console ports.
  • 27W maximum PD fast charging, enjoy the lightning charging speed on your trip
  • Easy installation. Not interfered with the use of console storage organizer.
  • Applicable device: Game pad/FLAC music USB/Dashcam/Portable Wifi etc.
  • Precise & elegant design, molded with ATOS 3D precise scanner, perfectly fits to the console wall.
  • LED trim and luminous indicators, user-friendly in dark environments.
  • 1x Dual Type-C console USB hub


*Due to the chip shortage, Tesla canceled the data transmission function at the console USB ports. If you are 2022 Tesla model 3/Y owner, please make sure your console data function works to ensure the availability of our USB hub.