TESPLUS 19'' Arachnid Style Wheel Cover for Model S/Y


Compatible Models:  Tesla Model S, Model Y

Introducing the ultimate fusion of style and compatibility – the Arachnid-Inspired Wheel Cover, meticulously designed to enhance the aesthetics of your Tesla Model Y and Model S. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Model S OEM Arachnid wheel, this wheel cover brings a touch of elegance and sportiness to your vehicle's appearance.
  • The sturdy construction acts as a shield, safeguarding your precious wheels from road debris, curbs, and harsh elements,
  • The Arachnid-Style Wheel Cover is meticulously designed to complement the distinctive lines of the Tesla Model Y
  • Cotton covered snap, easy installation 
  • Precise scanning, perfect fitment


  • 4x  Arachnid Style Wheel Covers 
  • 4x Center Lock Cover with Logo
  • Protective foam stripe. 

Please note, the logo cap will be shipped in a separate package with the wheel covers.