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Model 3 SR Premium Audio Upgrade

Install Difficulty:

Light change package

Active 6 speakers that are not working in the original car

Improve the surround sound, the mid-range and high-frequency level are more distinct

Professional suit

Active 6 speakers that are not working in the original car and install a dedicated subwoofer and DSP amplifier in the reserved position on the right side of the trunk to greatly improve the sound quality.

Audiophile package

Active 6 speakers that are not working in the original car, install a dedicated subwoofer and DSP amplifier, replace the mid woofer and tweeter in the front of the original car with professional high-performance speakers to sublimate the sound quality of the whole car again.

Version Detail:

DIY: 6 speakers activation with wire harness 2017-2020
        4 speakers activation with wire harness 2021 (There is no rear surround speaker for 2021 DIY version, If you need the two rear surround speakers, pls select the correct option )
Version A:  1 Subwoofer with Amp inside, 2 rear speakers
Version F: 1 DSP with 31 segments, 1 OEM Subwoofer with Amp inside, 2 HIFI rear surround speakers

Once make the order, confirm email will send to your email box automatically. If you did not see it in your email box, please check your spam email box.

Note: Reason for price adjustment of DIY  2021+ :
Non-destructive and easier installation for plug to plug connection, which the cost increases.

China Factory Direct Sales, If there Is Demand, Please Send You Inquiry!

2021 Model 3 DIY Version Installation Tutorial

1. Activate the original 6 speakers.

2.Improved surround sound.

3.Adding a crossover to ensure that all speakers work

4.Designed by a German tuning master

5.Support wholesale, OEM group purchasing at a very good price.

OEM Style Premium Subwoofer
Special design 8 inches OEM style subwoofer, aluminium shell, much better sound effect than LR, DM's OEM plastic shell subwoofer. With AMP inside.

Version Detail(Each version comes with 6 speakers activate function)




8 inches Subwoofer features:

Casing Aluminium Alloy
Dimension 240*325*70
Supply Voltage 11~15 DC
Power output 2Ohm RMS 200W
Power output 2Ohm PMPO 400W
LPF 40Hz~250Hz
Subsonic 25Hz
Bass Boost 0dB~12dB
Phase 0~180
Input Impedance 15K OHMS
S/N Ratio 90dB
Product Category AB Class
The Hom Size 8.0

DSP31-48 specification:

Product Category AB Class
Supply Voltage 12~14 DC
Power output 2Ohm 8*60W
Power output 4Ohm 8*50W
Frequency response 10Hz~36kHz
signal-to-noise ratio >95 dB
Speaker input impedance > 22K ohm
Distortion <0.05%
Sample rate 96kHz

Rear surround speakers specification:

impedance: 3.6Ω
Fo: 152Hz
SPL: 83.6dB
LPF: 152Hz-20kHz
Power output: 20w



The whole set of Hansshow Model 3 audio system directly plugs and play installation, no after-sales problems, safe and reliable.

The world's first low current, low energy consumption, loud sound pressure, the entire system only needs 9.3A current drive, does not affect the normal use and cruising range of the vehicle itself, safe and reliable, special design for Model 3.

Professional tailor-made Tesla Model 3 dsp14.1 audio-visual system, DSP power amplifier host adopts 96k-class ADI chip, Japanese JRC operational amplifier, Japanese ELNA silk-class high-efficiency capacitors, high-level design.

With enthusiast diamond quality (OEM for Bose) surround midrange, and special computer tuning software production, it will bring shocking 3D surround audio and video effects to everyone sitting in the car, the perfect experience of Tesla technology and fashion, speed, and Passionate driving pleasure!