Steering Wheel Cellphone Holder - MAGNETIC/MagSafe MOUNT

Compatible Models: Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model S, Model X

  • Turn your phone to a HUD screen on your Model3/Y.
  • Easy installaiton,positioning sticker included.
  • 3D scanning technology, perfect fit to steering wheel.
  • Full aluminum body, CNC processing Tech ensure premium quality.


  • 1x Steering wheel Cellphone Holder
  • 1x positioning sticker
  • 1x Mental ring for non-MagSafe Phone


1. iPhone 12/13 series can directly attach to the magnetic pad and other smart phones need attach a metal ring to the back of the phone. Metal ring is included in the package.

2. For MagSafe Holder Pad, you may need purchase an Apple MagSafe Charger to fully utilize the mount to charge your phone.