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Model 3 Power Trunk and Frunk

Change the way you deal with your tailgate, and use the best lifting system you can get. It can be both open and close through multiple control methods:

  • dashboard touch screen
  • model 3 key fob
  • smartphone/smartwatch (official Tesla App/Siri assistant)
  • foot sensor (optional)
  • tailgate buttons

Highlighted characteristics of our Electric Tailgate Kit:

  • soft closing effect (latest version Exclusive)
  • exceptionally accurate system with CANBUS plug (Trunk latest version Exclusive, quicker and more accurate response to control, prevent false trigger of kick sensor in unlock state when the car in low speed.)
  • screen button icon able to indicate the tailgate state, stable means closed state and flashing means opened state (Trunk latest version Exclusive)
  • DIY design and non-destructive installation, as all connectors are plug-in type and fitting to OEM connectors
  • anti-pinch function, safer for the children when they are using the trunk
  • anti-theft with prompt function for tailgate not closed

You can customize your tailgate features by your preference as it has:

  • 5 levels adjustable speed
  • adjustable closing force
  • adjustable height and memory function

Once make the order, confirm email will send to your email box automatically. If you did not see it in your email box, please check your spam email box.

2. For 2021 Model 3 Power Frunk :
Model 3 2021 made in the United States have not been changed since June.
If maded in Shanghai,China,  the Frunk were changed
since June,2021.

Before placing an order, please check your car whether made in USA or China (The production information can be checked on the B-pillar nameplate of the vehicle).

3. For Power Frunk V5 (2021/01-2021/05 & 2021/06+) : the strut bracket is different.

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Model 3 V7 Trunk and Kick Sensor Installation Video

Model 3 Power Trunk and Frunk is an awesome car modification intelligent system. It comes with multiple control methods and allows you to easily open and close the tailgate. In addition, it also has considerate functions such as intelligent anti-pinch and height preference memory. It will greatly facilitate the use of car owners.

Intelligent Products to Highlight Tesla Model 3 with Stunning Looks


Hansshow Model 3 Power Frunk and Trunk Feature Show


Model 3 Power Frunk Kick Sensor & Touch Screen Open and Close Demo

Model 3 Power Trunk Video

Features of Model 3 Trunk and Frunk

Smart Control System

A variety of control methods: original car screen button, tailgate button, smartphone, smartwatch, foot sensor, etc.
model 3 power trunk car key control

Anti-Pinch Function

Model 3 power trunk and frunk come with a power liftgate has the function of detecting obstacles and implementing emergency braking. It is very unlike the traditional tailgate, which is prone to pinch or hit obstacles during the closing process.

model 3 power trunk anti-pinch function

Memory Function for Height Preference

The height memory function of Tesla Model 3 power trunk and frunk means that the owner can set the opening height of the tailgate arbitrarily according to the usage habits or height characteristics. The system has an intelligent learning and memory function, and the tailgate opens to a suitable height.

Abnormal Situation Reminder

The abnormal reminder function effectively prevents the situation of property loss caused by forgetting to close the door. If the door is not closed, it will automatically sound an alarm.

Soft Closing Function

The soft closing function allows the tailgate to close silently and smoothly. You will aware of its importance when it helps prevent waking up sleeping child or disturbing your neighbors in the silent night.

Hansshow Craftwork for Model 3 Power Trunk And Frunk

German Imported Springs

Hansshow power liftgate for Model 3 power trunk and frunk uses German imported springs. The aircraft-grade quality makes the whole system run longer.

power tailgate spring

High-Quality Strut

Aluminum alloy strut and ball stud are lightweight processed yet have extremely high strength. They are designed to be used for years to come with no deformation. They meet the standards of Automotive OEMs.

model 3 power trunk electric strut
IP65 Waterproof Rating
Hansshow power liftgate is splash, water, and dust resistant and has been tested under controlled laboratory conditions.
power tailgate water resistant

Power Trunk Installation

Model 3 Power Frunk Foot Sensor Installation